Whether it is spreading material inside a warehouse remodel or spreading topsoil along a road project our slinger trucks can help you out! With deadlines looming and a lack of space for piles of gravel our slinger trucks can deliver and place gravel where needed with no need for stock piling. If there is gravel stockpiled we can be loaded onsite and just throw the rock where needed. Everything from filling in and around fuel tanks to filling trenches, our slinger trucks have got it covered.


Whether you are filling in a slab or prepping a basement our slinger trucks get it done quickly and efficiently. We can prep the footers or even finish grade the basement after the walls are erected. Provided the crew is there to put things to the final grade when we leave you are ready to move to the next step!

Big or little garages can be filled and prepped quickly with no loss of gravel needing to be moved around. No need to maneuver gravel around in a garage with a skid loader. Let us place it for you to grade minimizing raking and time.


Whether it is reinforcing the edge of your pond or simply wanting to dress it up. Our remote drive trucks can spread material along your pond in a smooth and timely manner saving you time and money.


Landscaping projects take time and can be very detailed. Whether it includes rocks or topsoil we can assist. Our unique trucks can spread processed topsoil with ease where you need it reducing the back breaking work of landscaping. Whether it is for a new flower bed or for a commercial landscape project Rock Chuckers is ready to help.


Rock Chuckers is used to doing unique jobs. Our slinger trucks can work in a variety of situations so regardless of how unique your job give us a call. . Wherever the traditional method does not work or is inefficient Rock Chuckers is ready to help. Whether it is over a fence or through a window or even between some trees we are up for the challenge.